Air Duct Cleaning Service

Air Duct Cleaning Service

Duct Cleaning - North York Carpet CleaningYour air conditioning system blows air from outside into your home. In this air are allergens like dust particles and pollen that accumulate in the cooling system’s air ducts.

If you don’t regularly have your air ducts cleaned, the build-up will restrict air flow, and the system will eventually blow these particles into your home where they are available for inhalation by occupants. 

Vent Duct Cleaning

If you have an HVAC or air conditioning system in your home, regular HVAC cleaning is crucial.

Caring for Your System

Proper air duct cleaning doesn’t only allow for unobstructed operation, but it also prevents clogging of the air conditioner wheels and the contamination of blowers. These problems can be costly to repair, and with routine maintenance and cleaning, you will prolong the lifespan of your system and lower the unit’s running costs.

Healthy Indoor Air

You and your family breathe in the air that blows out through your system’s air vents. If there is a build-up of harmful contaminants in your ducts, the air conditioner will blow these particles into your home where they are easy to inhale. Inhalation of airborne allergens and dust can result in health conditions that can be severe, including allergies, irritation of the skin, eyes, or throat, asthma, and respiratory disorders.  Regular duct cleaning will ensure that the air that enters your home via air ducts is clean and safe to inhale.

Energy Efficiency

Built-up of dirt, grime, and debris can impact the performance and, ultimately, the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. Lower efficiency typically means a higher energy bill.

Home Duct Cleaning Service

The North York Carpet Cleaning team offers high-end duct cleaning services to property owners in the area. Our duct cleaning services include dirt removal from all system components, including grilles, air vents, and registers. We team are experienced and have all the necessary skills and equipment, including a truck-mounted vacuum and compression system which allow us to clean ducts that are not easily accessible.

Our cleaning services include a thorough cleaning of all air ducts, an inspection to determine if there are potential issues with your system, resealing sealing the vents, and placing a new cover over the air conditioner coil. To ensure that your air ducts are always clean, we recommend a professional duct cleaning service once every three to five years.  Contact us today to get started with a free no-obligation quote. Find out more about our mattress cleaning services here.

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