Best cafe’s in North York

In every vacation, food will always be a mainstay. Can you imagine having a vacation without visiting any restaurant or café? That would be a sad experience! If you’re planning to take a lengthy vacation in North York, you should spice up your priority list with the best cafes within the area.

Here are the best cafes that you can visit in North York:

Café Princess

Are you looking for a quick fix to your sweet tooth? In that case, you should head over to Café Princess. Located at 5590 Yonge St, Toronto, Café Princess offers a wide assortment of scrumptious desserts such as banana split sundae, waffles with ice cream, various cake slices, and iced coffee. You can also shack down in the café if you want an hour (or two) of relaxation. Café Princess’ rates are also excellent enough for your budget.

Michel’s Baguette

A nice and delicious baguette will definitely make your day. While you can buy baguettes from any corner, nothing beats a special recipe made with love. Michel’s Baguette is the best place to be if you want to munch on tasty baguettes and other soul-filling meals. The place is somehow busy, since it’s a primary stop for hungry vacationers. Still, you can relax in this café while enjoying your favorite food. Michel’s Baguette is conveniently located at 3401 Dufferin Street in Yorkdale Mall.


Do you have a growing interest for Japanese sweets or delicate cakes in that matter? With Saryo, you won’t be disappointed! The simple café is filled with delicious cakes, pastry, hearty meals, and even Matcha-flavored assortments. Many people who have visited Saryo were amazed of the café’s interior design and mouth-watering menu. Your friends and family will love the ambiance, and they’ll even trust your taste in food. Saryo is even easy to remember because of its unique name. You can visit Saryo at 5051 Yonge St, North York, Ontario.

Farm’r Eatery & Catering

It’s been proven time and time again that organic food is one of the keys towards a healthy, fulfilling life. If you’re tired of eating processed foods and other unhealthy meals, then you should check out Farm’r Eatery & Catering. Aside from getting the chance to eat the best signature meals of Toronto, you can also enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery. Farm’r Eatery & Catering is located at 140 The Esplanade, Toronto.


Once you’ve combined fanciness, style, and exquisiteness, you will have a place that seems taken from paradise. This is the ambiance of Demetres – a wonderful café located at 16 Maria Labatte Rd, Toronto, Ontario. Demetres is considered a high-end café, but don’t worry – your budget will fit its delicate meal menu. Some of the foods that you can choose from are strawberry-laden desserts, ice cream sundae, various sweets, and other local café specialty options. Whether you want a quick fix to your sweet tooth or you’re looking for a great time, Demetres should be included in your list.


Now that you have an idea about the best cafes in North York, it’s time to settle your vacation schedule. Get your bags packed, inform your friends, and prepare for the best North York vacation ever!

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