Best Restaurants in North York for Spicy Food Lovers

No matter how fast the world changes, one of the things that remain constant is spicy food. People love different variants of spicy food because of unique taste and richness. As a matter of fact, spicy food is great for your health. They provide antioxidants to battle inflammation and other human afflictions.

Are you looking for restaurants with spicy meals in North York? Try these suggestions:

Goa Indian Farm Kitchen

Indian restaurants are always known for their spicy and delicious meals. If you dig these meals, you should head out to Goa Indian Farm Kitchen at 28A-2901 Bayview Avenue. The restaurant looks like a small palace designed for people who love Indian food. Every table exudes magnificence and the lights make the delicious food look even better. Some of the popular meals at Goa are curry, choice meats, spiced vegetables, and other premium Indian viands.

Paese Ristorante

Vacationers and food lovers refer to Paese Ristorente as their own ‘personal special kitchen.’ This simply means that Paese Ristorante will easily remind you of home. Located at 3827 Bathurst Street, Paese Ristorante is a real Italian haven. It has numerous types of popular Italian offerings, but it also offers unique spicy food. So if you love both Italian and spicy meals, you will definitely have a great time at Paese Ristorante.

Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill

Known affectionately as O & B Grill, Oliver & Bonacini Café offers a wide range of delicate meals for all food lovers. Whether you prefer heavy spicy meals or light viands, you won’t be disappointed with the O & B catalogue. The ambiance of the place is also relaxing even if it tends to become jam-packed during Fridays. You may visit O & B Grill at 2901 Bayview Avenue, Toronto.

The Keg Steakhouse

Do you love steak and everything related to it? Well, who doesn’t! Steak is an all-time favorite, and you can find the best portions at The Keg Steakhouse. At first glance, you may think that Keg Steakhouse is a restaurant meant for the elite. Yes, it’s fancy but you can afford its deliciously thriving catalogue. And if you’re a deep lover of spicy food, you can never go wrong with the Keg’s spicy meat viands. The reservation process is also smooth, and you don’t have to worry about delays. You can visit The Keg at Elmwood Avenue, North York.

Pho V Express

Next to Indian, Vietnamese food has its standard array of spicy meals that will make your taste buds melt. Pho V Express’ meals are mostly spicy, rich, and best for vegans. Whether you have a craving for noodle soup or shrimps, Pho V won’t leave you disappointed. Perhaps, it’ll leave you craving for more! The Pho V Express is located at 1923C Avenue Rd, North York.


Spicy food will make your life more thrilling and delicate – seriously. But you should go to the right places if you’re looking for spicy meals. If you’re planning to stay in North York for a long time, be sure to visit the suggested spicy food restaurants!

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