How I spent my day in North York

Today, I want to share my short but vibrant vacation experience in North York. Well, to be exact, I’ll share just one day – the last day that I spent in this wonderful city. I presume that a week-long chronicle of my vacation will bore readers, so one day is enough.

Let’s begin, shall we?

A Cultural Throwback

City life is awesome. There are so many things to do and explore every day. However, anyone might get tired in the urban jungle. The best remedy is to have a vacation to someplace unique. That’s what I did! I traveled to North York, Ontario, leaving my worries behind and looking forward to exciting moments. The moment I stepped foot in North York, I realized how simply gorgeous the city is. There are dozens of establishments, and all of them reflect the cultural beauty of North York. It’s kinda like I’m having a cultural throwback!

Food, Food, Lots of Food!

After more or less two hours of strolling, my stomach grumbled. Quickly, I searched for a restaurant that will fulfill my current need (and what a big need that is!). Since there are so many choices, I almost had a hard time picking one. Thankfully, I reached Bayview Shopping Centre – just around 2901 Bayview Avenue. You won’t miss it. I settled at a small restaurant, ordered a full meal and dessert, and stopped over at Pusateris for their excellent pastry. I would’ve tried more viands but my tummy is full. Maybe I just needed to rest.

Events for Everyone

While resting, I checked North York’s event calendar. I’m not scheduled to visit any event today, so I just browsed the selections. Some of the events that I saw were a burger festival, a high-end banquet, and several community fun runs. Most of these events have free admission tags but I believe people can buy food and refreshments in the event areas. After my rest, I got busy and visited numerous specialty shops. I bought special trinkets, souvenirs, and even delicious snacks to keep my stomach nourished.

Night Life in North York

Ah, evening came, so I slept. Just kidding! I explored North York’s sense of night life. Accompanied by a friend, we spent the night dancing in Moda Night Club – a thriving bar located at 4749 Keele Street. Now, I’ve seen larger and more exciting clubs but Moda holds a special place in my heart. For some reasons, the club felt like home. The people are friendly and I even got some free drinks. Some fellows told me that a bar crawl is happening, but I had to pass. My friend had too much, and I have a schedule for tomorrow. Still, what a great time!

Final Notes

I had an awesome day – really! But aside from that, I’ve learned a lot of things from North York and the whole experience. I will definitely come back to the city, and maybe I’ll bring my friends along. A special someone can also make the vacation, well, special! So, I’m off to find this someone before I plan my next North York escapade!

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