How often should you clean furniture and upholstery

Keeping your furniture looking brand new, even though it’s been well used, is likely the ideal of anyone who has ever bought a couch. Depending on the fabric chosen you might notice that it is starting to look worn out, but regular cleaning can help to keep it looking new and make sure dust and allergens are removed. How often should you really clean furniture and upholstery, tough? Well here’s some information to help you determine the best timelines for cleaning what’s in your home.


Don’t wait until it looks dirty

In your home there are dirt and dust particles floating around all the time, even if you can’t see them. They will embed themselves in the fabric of your furniture but it may not even look dirty. Since you can’t really see it when this happens, waiting until you can see that your furniture or upholstery items are noticeably dirty then there’s already going to be a decent amount of dirt, dust and allergens in there. Even if it looks clean, but you haven’t cleaned it in about a week then it could use a quick cleaning likely.


Increase if you have pets and/or kids

With more people or pets inhabiting a home, the amount of dirt flying around will increase. For most homes, vacuuming the upholstery and your furniture once a week or every other week is usually sufficient. However when you add in pets, children or both then you definitely need to increase the frequency of cleaning to make sure your home is a healthy environment. It is recommended if you have pets and/or children then you should vacuum the upholstery and furniture at least once a week, possibly twice depending on how busy your home is.


Professional Cleaning

You can vacuum and do some spot cleaning yourself once or twice a week around the house, but sometimes you just need that professional deep clean you just can’t get with the equipment you have at home. The number of times you get a professional upholstery cleaner into your home each year is really a personal preference. It’s recommended that if your home is busy, and your furniture sees lots of traffic then you have a professional clean done twice a year. However if you’re really on top of cleaning each week and you don’t have pets, children or lots of visitors then you could likely get away with once a year.


Dirt and debris embedding itself in the fibers of your couch will actually wear them down prematurely, almost like sandpaper against it, and the colour or fabric may start to fade. With regular, professional upholstery cleaning you can definitely extend the life of your furniture no matter how much traffic it sees or how rough your kids are on it. North York Carpet Cleaning Team is a professional furniture and upholstery cleaning company that will make sure to give your pieces a complete clean and make them look fresh again. Give us a call today, and we’ll come out to your home to discuss what we can do for your furniture!

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