Most popular kids activities in North York

Vacationing with your kids is a wonderful experience that must be treasured all the time. But more often than not, you might end up worrying if the desired location has its array of kid-friendly activities. Well, if you’re planning to visit North York, you should take a mental note of its popular kid activities and locations.

Here are some suggestions:

Kiddie Bowling

Kids love throwing balls and hitting stuff all over the place. The best place for kids to do this is a kiddie bowling arena. And in North York, the Bathurst Bowlerama is the #1 choice! The kiddie bowlerama is filled with different lanes, and the rates will definitely match your budget. If your kids get hungry during the game, don’t worry – Bathurst Bowlerama has numerous food outlets ready to offer delicious meals. Bathurst Bowlerama is located at 2788 Bathurst St, North York.

Nature Appreciation

Children who appreciate nature will eventually grow into responsible and empathetic adults. Better guide them early at North York! There are many known parks in North York, but the most popular is the Bayview Village Park. Offering various scenic views and safe playgrounds, Bayview Village Park empowers the importance of nature and pure childhood enjoyment at the same time. The park is just approximately 10 minutes away from a shopping centre, so you can always shop and grab a meal anytime. Bayview Village Park is located at 2945 Bayview Avenue, North York.

Educational Visit

Enjoyment is one thing, and education is another. But what if you can combine education and enjoyment into one interesting moment? Your kids will benefit from that experience! The Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre is an interesting place which will let your kids enjoy the water and they can even learn how to swim. The admission fee is also friendly to your wallet. The Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre is located at 5100 Yonge Street, North York.


Skateboarding is a fun and thrilling activity that kids can enjoy. It’s easy to buy a skateboard, but it’s tricky to find a place. In North York, the best skateboarding lot that your kids can visit is the Cummer Skateboard Park. Located at 6000 Leslie Street, North York, Cummer Skateboard Park is spacious enough for all kids. You don’t have to worry about payment because admission is 100% free. There’s even an indoor pool and a snack bar for additional enjoyment.

Lights Show Appreciation

A good lights show can bring happiness to any kid’s heart. Nowadays, it’s tricky enough to find a decent lights show. You may need to book tickets ahead of time, ask around in social media, and read boring travel pamphlets. To save time, you should head over to Downsview Park and let your kids watch the fascinating display of lights. Downsview Park’s lights are entertaining enough, particularly during Christmas. Restaurants and cafes are nearby if you want hot coffee or tummy-filling treats. You can visit Downsview Park at 35 Carl Hall Rd, North York.


Once your vacation in North York has ended, just take a moment and look at the pictures of your smiling kids. It will sure make you feel tingly inside! This is the magic of North York and its kid-friendly locations. So, be sure to visit again!

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