Peanut Plaza

Peanut Plaza is a 100,000 square feet enclosed shopping center that was established in the 1960s on a small, peanut-like piece of land in the heart of Don Mills Road, in North York, Ontario. It lies between Finch Avenue East and Sheppard Avenue East, and its ideal location can be accessed from both southbound and northbound lanes.

This shopping center has constantly kept its fame in the main business market and has been considered as “The Peanut” due to its loyal customers. It has a diversified range of inexpensive food, given that it is only a five-minute bus ride from the Don Mills station. The center’s blend of accessibility and well-developed location provides wholesalers with the best marketing opportunities.

Peanut Plaza houses some popular shops and restaurants such as McDonald’s, Dollarama, IDA Drug Mart, Bank of China, The Beer Store, and Tone Tai Supermarket. It also consists of various services and merchandisers to be able to meet the demands and needs of the whole community of North York.

Plaza near Fairview mall in North York


Below are some of the featured shops and restaurants inside Peanut Plaza:

Mr. Jerk

This restaurant was initially built in a small area within Peanut Plaza. Mr. Jerk is also one of the leading restaurants in Ontario that provides authentic Carribean cuisine like curries, stews, and patties as well as Jamaican jerk products. It seeks to maintain superb services to its customers at the most affordable rates all the time.

Allan’s Pastry Shop

Allan’s Pastry Shop is a family-owned bakeshop that is also located inside Peanut Plaza. Its baked products can be seen in numerous Carribean stores around the municipality of North York and in Toronto. The main focus of this pastry shop is to deliver freshly-baked and tasty bread and pastries at highly affordable prices. It normally serves traditional Jamaican food such as spicy buns, hard bread, and the all-time favorite Jamaican patties.

Saigon Express

One of the most sought-after Asian restaurants in Peanut Plaza is Saigon Express. It serves authentic and traditional home-made Vietnamese food cooked to perfection. Aside from its flavorful noodle bowls, eggrolls, and spring rolls, the restaurant is known for its casual setting and friendly service. Saigon Express was also built with the ultimate aim of offering healthy Vietnamese cuisine at competitive prices.

Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza is one of the established restaurant chains inside Peanut Plaza. It has become one of the prime leaders in terms of Canadian foodservice. It has delivered about 28 million orders and was able to join numerous events, wherein more than 15 million individuals have participated. Through its expanding restaurant network, Pizza Pizza has continuously provided varied, high-quality, and sumptuous food to Canadians from all walks of life. It also highly prioritizes the tastes of people who are always on-the-go and do not want to compromise taste for balanced and excellent alternatives.

Seneca Pub

Seneca Sports Pub and Lounge is an ideal place to dine, bond, and watch a game with friends and family. The pub offers a wide variety of authentic Indian and traditional cuisine. Among common pub favorites are Shish Kebab, Matar Paneer, Chicken Biryani, Nachos with Cheese, and Chicken Tortellini.


Peanut Plaza is located at 3056 Don Mills Road East, North York, Ontario, Canada

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